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The NY HERO Act and Guidelines

personal protective equipment, including goggles, mask, and gloves

On May 5, 2021, the NY HERO Act was signed into law, also known as the New York Health and Essential Rights Act, to achieve safety and protection from the spread of current and future airborne diseases such as the coronavirus (COVID-19) that abruptly hit the United States in early March 2020.



What is SaniGLAZE?

tile flooring in a bathroom after SaniGLAZE treatment is completed

The SaniGLAZE process is one of the unique offerings Janitronics has for their clients. It can transform tile flooring and, most importantly, make it easier to clean.



The CDC updated their COVID-19 cleaning guidelines. What does this mean?

Janitronics technician wiping down counter with blue microfiber cloth

On April 5, 2021, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated several of their website pages with new guidelines for cleaning for COVID-19. Many news outlets picked up on the story, with some simplifying these changes with headlines saying it’s time to forget about disinfecting surfaces.


The truth of the matter is, of course, much more complicated.



Cleaning and Mitigating Dust and Dust Mites

Janitronics technician wiping a surface down with a blue microfiber cloth

Dust is one of the universal signs of an unsanitary work environment. However, there is more than meets the eye with dust in the office, classroom, or factory. From what dust is created with, to the dust mites that live within, the science of dust is complex and the impact on the health and productivity of your workers and visitors is significant. Despite this, there are steps you can take to remove and prevent dust from accumulating in your office or workspace.



Spring Cleaning

cleaning supplies

“Spring cleaning” is a tradition that can be found throughout history around the world, going under many different names. The motivating factor, however, remains the same: spring cleaning helps us transition into warmer weather and clean out the messes that winter has allowed to get into our spaces.



What is nonpharmaceutical intervention?

Janitronics cleaning technician wiping sink

As the vaccine continues to be administered, we continue to remain alert. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through nonpharmaceutical intervention (NPI). This intimidating-looking term is surprisingly simple: nonpharmaceutical intervention refers to ways to stop the spread of sickness that are not related to vaccines or medication.



Is my air purifier spreading the virus?

AIRBOX air purifier

The honest answer: it depends on your air purifier.


If you have a high-quality air purifier, the answer is “no” with a few conditions.



What are activated carbon filters, and what do they do?

AIRBOX with the activated carbon filter

One of the most common air filters to be paired with HEPA filters are active carbon filters, also known as activated charcoal filters. These filters take care of odors and gases, while HEPA filters work to remove particles. Together, they provide a wide coverage to make offices and workspaces safe.



What's in the 24/7 Protection program?

a Janitronics desk kit, including face masks, gloves, sanitizer in a spray bottle, and hand sanitizer

Janitronics is proud to provide antimicrobial/antiviral mitigation to help keep your employees and customers healthy and safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Prioritize the health and safety of your employees and customers with visible protection that works round the clock, 24/7.



How can I achieve my New Year’s resolution to have a clean office and workplace?

cleaner wiping down desk

New Year’s resolutions serve as important goals for the coming new year. Many people include a resolution to keep a cleaner workplace. Our team at Janitronics can definitely help you maintain a clean and healthy working environment for employees and customers. However, every employee can pitch in to help keep the goal of maintaining a clean workplace a reality.



What are HEPA filters? And what are the dangers of "HEPA-like" filters?


HEPA filters are one of the highest grades of filters for air purifiers in the world, and certified HEPA filters are in high demand. However, with this increased interest in air purifiers, there is an increase of “HEPA-like” filters on the market that do not meet the same rigorous standards.



What are the health benefits of a clean workplace?

Janitronics technician cleaning a workspace

At Janitronics, we clean for health. While the statement seems straightforward, the results of a clean working environment manifest in many ways. They can leave both a physical and mental impact on people, and ultimately affect the quality of life of your employees and customers.



How can we avoid a "twindemic"?

Janitronics technician cleaning a sink

In August, The New York Times published an article named “Fearing a ‘Twindemic,’ Health Experts Push Urgently for Flu Shots.” The coined phrase “twindemic” refers to the potential of facing two pandemics at once: the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and a pandemic-like flu season.



Should I do some fall office cleaning?

Janitronics van in front of some trees during the fall

Most people consider spring to be the season of cleaning. It’s a natural connection; after months of staying inside, people can finally air out their homes and offices. In recent years, people have come to see fall as an important cleaning season as well. Like the spring, fall is a transitional season, albeit towards colder weather. It offers a perfect opportunity to clean up your house, and just as importantly, your workspace. More importantly, as we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, seasonal cleaning cannot be ignored.



What is AIRBOX?

AIRBOX opened to show its filter stack

There are different types of air purifiers on the market, and they all claim to do the same thing: keep your air clean and healthy. The challenge that all consumers face, no matter the facility, is finding one that is truly efficient and effective. With the additional pressure from the COVID-19 pandemic, the bar for quality in air purifiers has only gotten higher.



What are high-touch surfaces? How should I clean them?

Janitronics cleaning technician wiping counter top with microfiber cloth

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we are becoming increasingly aware of everything we touch. While coronavirus primarily spreads through droplets in the air, many people have been careful to avoid contracting it via touch contact. As businesses and schools continue to reopen, it’s important to remember to clean the surfaces we touch now more than ever.



What can we do to promote a healthy office during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Janitronics cleaning technician cleaning cubicle partition with yellow microfiber cloth

Every business owner and employee wants a workspace where they can be productive. However, it’s hard to be productive when sickness can spread like wildfire.



How can we clean for health during the school year?

Janitronics cleaning technician cleaning lecture hall with backpack vacuum

Back-to-school has always been a source of excitement and stress for students, parents, and teachers alike. The new school year brings students as well as an influx of germs into the educational environments.



Electrostatic Spraying

Janitronics cleaning technician cleaning office with electrostatic sprayer

There is no single way to clean an area. Science continuously makes new discoveries and inventions that, in turn, can be utilized in efforts to clean for health. One of the most recent methods...



Carpet Cleaning

Janitronics cleaning technician Steam Cleaning Office Carpet

Carpets can be some of the toughest floors to clean correctly. While other types of flooring need a broom and mop to clean the surface, carpets will absorb their surroundings into their fibers. Allergens from the air, dirt, and anything...