School Cleaning

A clean educational facility helps students and staff stay healthy and fights against the spread of germs. Janitronics’ school cleaning systems are designed for exactly that, helping you minimize the spread of pathogens and maximize your school’s abilities. Our school cleaning program applies to college and higher ed facilities, public and private schools, as well as daycare facilities. 

If you are looking for a stable and local school cleaning team that works with the most advanced equipment and expert knowledge...we wrote the book!

We want to spread ideas, not contaminants

As a school administrator, you are charged with the physical and mental health of your student body while also maintaining services within your budget. Decisions based on costs alone pose a profound threat to more than health; absenteeism threatens student performance and the reputation and integrity of your institution. But budget restrictions don't disappear just because you want them to. What you need is an efficient and affordable cleaner that can sanitize and disinfect your classrooms. Janitronics is prepared to help.

Janitronics employees cleaning an academic classroom

We don't just push germs around. We eliminate them. 

When there are hundreds of kids passing through the hallways every day, you need a school cleaning service that takes health as seriously as you do. Janitronics knows exactly how to help. We don't just push around the germs. We eliminate them. We utilize a wide range of techniques that make environments safer and healthier for people who enter. We’ll work alongside you to figure out what works best for your schools. And when we work for you, not only will you have a healthy school, but also a healthy bottom line.


Group projects work well for students when they all work together. The same is true for anything that we do. If you need a second pair of eyes to look over your cleaning plans, or you need some help getting started, we’re here for you. Paired with our experience and technology, we’ll make sure you are prepared for the coming school year.


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