Advancing Janitorial Knowledge

In 1993, Janitronics founded Concepts4 to introduce Team Cleaning to custodial departments throughout the New York State Public Schools System. From there, Concepts4 has grown into one of the leading consulting names in the industry.


We host seminars and workshops throughout the nation, and we continue to work to spread vital information in our efforts to improve our industry and, as always, clean for health.


Our consulting firm offers several talks about the best management systems for your company, with our most popular talks discussing Team Cleaning. Service audits are also available to ensure that you are working towards the best practices in the industry.


We have worked with over 3000 organizations and the list continues to grow. From the cleaning industry to our counterparts in the healthcare, educational, industrial, and building services, we all have a responsibility to keep the world clean and healthy. Let's work together.


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Training & Education on Team Cleaning

Concepts4 offers three programs to familiarize you with Team Cleaning: National Executive Seminars, Custom On-Site Seminars and Train the Trainer School. We can also work with you at your facility, offering directing training for your personnel to set up the Team Cleaning system.


Program Implementation

Pilot/Model Program

Concepts4 oversees this critical first phase on-site


Full Implementation

A continuation of the Pilot/Model to completion



A workflow design service creating master schedules and job assignment cards


Service Audits

A benchmarking of your operation compared with Industry Best Practices