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Janitronics isn't just here for the day to day operations. For any moment you need in-depth, restorative, or emergency cleaning, we have your back.

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Our Special Services are provided on an as-needed basis. They can be billed separately or included in your program. The cost of one of these services to our regular customers is appreciably reduced in accordance with our policy of providing preferential treatment to our existing customers.

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Shiny refinished tile floor

Tile Floor Refinishing

Vinyl composite tile (VCT) floors are built to stand the test of time, but they still need cleaning and care. Along with a regular cleaning regimen, we offer VCT stripping and refinishing to make an old, durable floor look like new.

Construction & Renovation Clean Up

Once the dust settles after a construction project, the final product can look like a disaster zone. A final cleaning can spot any potential issues before the space is truly done. Our team members have OSHA 10 certification, paired with experience in office, medical, and controlled spaces. No matter the size of the facility or the state of your move-in, Janitronics has the skills to make your new space look beautiful.

Construction site with dust and debris on the floor
A person using a steam cleaner to clean a blue and yellow carpet.

Carpet Cleaning

Daily vacuuming does the best that it can, but high traffic areas and liquid spills need the extra attention of a deep carpet clean. Our care includes hot water extraction, low moisture cleaning, and anti-static treatments to extend the life of your carpet beyond what vacuuming can do alone. To learn more about our carpet cleaning services and methods, click here.

Tile & Grout Care

While they may seem easier to clean than some surfaces, tile and grout are both porous materials which can absorb stains, dirt, and grime. Routine cleaning and care can provide the extra attention it needs to be truly clean. Schedule bathroom and locker room deep scrubs to not only make your tiles and grout look good, but expand their lifespan.

A public restroom with tiled walls that have been given a deep clean
A tiled bathroom wall and floor after SaniGLAZE treatment, looking much cleaner than before


Janitronics can deep clean, strip, and resurface tiled floors in restrooms and locker rooms so that they look good as new. The revolutionary SaniGLAZE treatment is a restoration process that gives flooring new life. Not only can it change the color of your flooring, but it can also make your floors easier to clean.


Learn more about SaniGLAZE here.

High Dusting

In industrial facilities’ rafters, high up in hotel lobbies, or the air vents of a hospital, cleaning is infrequent but still crucial. Clearing away dust helps maintain the efficiency of HVAC systems and reduce airborne allergens, which in turn keeps the air quality high and helps meet FDA requirements. Plus, it brings a lustrous look back to light fixtures in any space.

A Janitronics employee dusting vents in an industrial facility.
Tiled floor in a locker room after hard surface restoration

Hard Surface Restoration

Regardless of your industry, cracked and worn flooring can be both an eyesore and a potential safety hazard. We use quality materials and procedures to help turn your floor into something that is easy to clean and is highly durable. Whether you're encapsulating existing flooring or removing cracked or loose flooring, the final product will give a lasting impression.

Disinfection & Sanitization Services

Janitronics continues to clean for health in every area of our work, going beyond surface appearances to ensure everyone’s health and safety. We work with you to identify high-traffic areas that would need extra attention during routine cleaning. We are also prepared to respond to and proactively prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace. To learn more about our sanitizing and disinfecting technology and methods, click here.

A person in a protective suit wiping a counter.
Commercial floor dryer

Emergency Water Damage Clean Up

No one can plan for when they’ll need an emergency cleaning, but a fast response can make all the difference. Sewage backup, burst pipes, and flooding can happen suddenly and quickly damage your facility. What's more, water damage can continue to build up if left untreated. Janitronics has the equipment and the staff to respond to contain and mitigate water damage, being the first call you should make.

Gymnasium and Wood Floor Restoration

Wood gym floors can handle a lot of wear and tear, which means they also need some extra attention to make them shine. Protect them with a program that will restore and refinish the surface. For a safe and stable facility, periodic thorough treatment is required. Janitronics offers full-service gym floor care, including polishing, stripping, and refinishing, to make your gymnasium game-day ready.

Wooden gym floor after high gloss treatment
A Janitronics employee wiping a sink faucet with a yellow cloth.

Interior Detail Cleaning

Desks, floors, and doors are the areas most people focus on, but dingy ceilings or walls can poorly reflect on a work environment, too. We can wash painted, wallpapered, and paneled walls to brighten your space; bleach porous ceiling tiles; and eliminate stains around air vents. Scheduling this level of intensive cleaning once or twice a year also prevents a buildup of dirt, germs, and allergens to keep your space and employees healthier.

Stone Floor Care

Every type of floor has its own special cleaning method. We’re experts in all of them. We take great care with porous surfaces, like stone and marble, to restore their shine without diminishing their colors. Terrazzo floor finishes are also no challenge for us, no matter how high-traffic your building is.

A bright lobby space with shiny red, cream, and black marble floors.

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