About Us

50 Years of Commercial Cleaning

It was 1972...

And Jim Harris, Sr. was thinking big. He founded Janitronics Facility Services in Albany, NY as a local cleaning service. Most people saw it as a company of just janitors and custodians. Jim Harris, Sr. had much bigger plans for it. But he decided that, even more importantly, he had to think small for efficient, effective cleaning.

Fifty years later, Janitronics Facility Services has proven the wisdom to our founder’s plans. We proudly serve New York State and surrounding Northeastern states. We strive hard to clean for health, constantly reviewing and updating our processes to keep up with emerging science. We remain family-owned and operated.

And we continue to never lose our focus on the small things.


"We're not your traditional janitorial service. We're not just dumping wastebaskets and cleaning restrooms. We're cleaning a work environment to maintain a very high health standard. We're thinking small in a big way and have transformed cleaning into a science."

- Jim Harris Sr.


Cleaning With Science

Commercial cleaning goes beyond what you see. Millions of particles go unseen by the naked eye; dust particles, microbes, and other biocontaminants can hide in plain sight. Janitors should not just clean for appearance, but for health as well.

That’s why Janitronics turns to science for the best cleaning methods. We’ve always worked towards cleaning for health. That means sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces for the safety of everyone in your facility. We use products that have been proven to work. And we’ll keep listening to science to improve and bring our best to our work.


Janitronics employee smiling at the camera

Our Core Values

Our employees receive the same level of care that we give to our work. Each member of the Janitronics team undergoes extensive background checks and drug screening once hired, no exceptions. Afterwards, they are trained in our 18,000 square foot headquarters. Additional training continues throughout their time at Janitronics, with special certification testing encouraged. The ultimate result is highly trained professionals ready to tackle any problem.

Mission & Vision 

Janitronics provides facilities services and commercial cleaning to a variety of environments, including but not limited to: office buildings, schools, colleges, medical facilities, industrial plants, shopping centers and private residences. Our primary market is the Northeast, however our systems approach, team cleaning, dedicated training programs, value to our customers and commitment to new technologies allow us to competitively service clients throughout the continental US.


We believe consistent quality service, competitively priced offerings, and training programs tied to strategic service objectives will ensure we realize our goals. We don’t just live on the cutting edge of technology — we strive to advance it.


A labor-intensive service company needs strong management. Our managers understand systems, personnel, and customer needs — client by client. One size does not fit all. Janitronics’ comprehensive approach results in quick response and the ability to anticipate customer needs. In addition to providing all services to our clients, we provide value.

Cross-Industry Expertise



Training our staff with the best cleaning system around.


The Maids

Bringing the best of the cleaning systems to residential areas.



Hosting seminars and workshops across the country.

The science behind a healthy, clean environment never stops advancing, and neither do we. We keep up to date with the latest studies and employ the best people and technology for the job. 

You mind your business, we'll keep it clean.