Office Cleaning

If you demand a clean work environment to ensure all your employees are healthy and productive, we're on it!

You can't bargain with health

Offices can be a second home to you and your daily routine. The janitors that clean there should give it more care than just appearances. After all, the chain reaction of spreading illness in an office is a well-known phenomenon. This easily turns into lost time and health-related expenses. No business wants to contend with that.

Janitronics has fifty years of experience with cleaning for health. We turn to effective and proven cleaning systems to provide stellar services. We’ll show you the difference between cleaning for appearances and cleaning for health. Sanitization, disinfection, and prevention all play a role. It’s simply good business.

Janitronics employee spraying blue towel over counter

The right janitorial staff can make all the difference

There are many invisible intruders that can compromise an area. From everyday allergens to seasonal viruses, it can sometimes feel overwhelming trying to combat them all.


With Janitronics Facility Services, you will have a leader in the industry on your side. Whether you choose to have us do the cleaning or to train your staff through our consultant division, Concepts4, you’ll ensure a clean environment for anyone who comes in. Best of all, we provide the best value for your dollar.

Sanitization Products

Sometimes you are missing that one key item that can really help your office. That key item can be an air filter that does the work for you, or maybe it’s a “welcome present” just in time for the flu season. Janitronics offers a range of products that you can purchase directly from us to fit your needs. From revolutionary technology to sanitization desk kits, we can help you get what you need in our store.

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