Should I do some fall office cleaning?

Most people consider spring to be the season of cleaning. It’s a natural connection; after months of staying inside, people can finally air out their homes and offices. In recent years, people have come to see fall as an important cleaning season as well. Like the spring, fall is a transitional season, albeit towards colder weather. It offers a perfect opportunity to clean up your house, and just as importantly, your workspace. More importantly, as we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, seasonal cleaning cannot be ignored.


Benefits of Fall Office Cleaning

There are many benefits to having a clean workspace. Studies show that a clean office increases both mood and productivity in workers. It’s theorized that removing clutter removes distractions and constant reminders of impending tasks, allowing you to focus on the task in front of you. Organizing also allows you to clean out old projects to make way for new ones.

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Fall also has some critical timing, as the incoming winter is full of events. Several major holidays, and cold and flu season, make winter a very busy season. The best way to deal with them is to prepare early (and in the case of illness, prevent them altogether).


What Should I Do?

Offices can be unique spaces, each with different setups and different needs. We’ve created a list of things to consider, but feel free to amend it to fit your space.

  • Open the windows when the weather is nice. Fresh air has a lot of benefits, and there are fewer days to let it in before it is too cold to do so.

  • Take stock of your cleaning supplies. This ranges from cleaning products and disinfectants to stop biocontaminants from spreading.

  • Get your office furniture properly cleaned. While it could be getting cleaned daily, a deep clean is still necessary to keep furniture in top shape. A professional cleaning service can help your furniture look better and last longer.

  • Have your office carpets cleaned professionally. Carpet cleaning is an important part of a thorough seasonal cleaning routine.

  • Clean the office refrigerator. Dispose of any untouched leftovers, and wipe it down from any unattended spills. The extra space will make storing holiday food a breeze.

  • Take inventory of your supplies and equipment. It’s easy to lose track of what you’re running low on. Use your cleaning time to make sure that you are properly stocked, and order more of what you need.

  • If you find that something that was ordered for the office last year hasn’t been used, reevaluate its purpose. Emergency backups are important to have, even if they haven’t been used, while cheap sticky notes may be better off in the break room than taking up storage.

  • Review your electronic cord setup, and consider getting some cord organizers. Dealing with messy cords now can save you a lot of time later.

  • Clean up your computer’s desktop and files. Cleaning should not be confined to physical things. Clutter on your computer can make it harder to find important documents or worse, slow your computer down. Deleting unnecessary files and programs can really improve performance. Also, it doesn’t hurt to back up your files during this time.

  • Decorate. While a clean office space can improve your mood, decorating doesn’t hurt either. Sometimes a well-placed photo or small ornament can improve your day.


Need Help?

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