What is SaniGLAZE?

The SaniGLAZE process is one of the unique offerings Janitronics has for their clients. It can transform tile flooring and, most importantly, make it easier to clean.


Tile and Grout

Before going into what makes SaniGLAZE great, it’s important to understand why tile and grout can get dirty fast.

tile flooring in a bathroom after SaniGLAZE treatment is completed

Most tiles are made of clay. Clay is classified as a mixture, which means that while it is made up of different components, they are not chemically combined. Think of it like chocolate milk: the milk and the chocolate are mixed together, but they are not chemically combined. For chocolate milk, this means that over time the chocolate “separates” and sinks to the bottom. Clay is a mixture of water and different types of minerals, although which minerals and what proportion of them can differ depending on several factors. It is malleable until heated in a kiln, where it is hardened and takes the shape of whatever it was molded into.


While the process of firing clay gives it a permanent structure, not everything that goes into the kiln necessarily survives. After all, it is a mixture; some of the components may survive the kiln while others do not. Water is baked out of the clay, and it’s possible that some of the less viable minerals or bits are also burned away. Meanwhile, the remaining material changes structure and may even fuse together at higher temperatures. What comes out of the kiln may look like a single whole piece, but in fact has many microscopic holes.


Grout is also a mixture, often made up of water, cement, and sand. In the case of grout, the water dries out, and the cement and sand are packed but not bonded together. While it is through a different method, grout ends up as porous as the tiles (if not more so).


Together, tiles and grout create a flooring that has many microscopic holes. Over time, dirt and grime can get into these holes. Any water that gets absorbed may end up becoming the breeding space for bacteria and mold. Additionally, people walking and placing things on the floor will only press all of that further into the ground, making it harder to get out. Unless the floor gets specific cleaning to remove that grime, they are likely to look dirty even after daily cleaning and maintenance.


The exception to the rule is vitrified tiles, which mixes silica into the clay and undergoes higher kiln temperatures to create non-porous tile. However, these tiles are more expensive, and do not help with the grout.




floor in a locker room before SaniGLAZE treatment


floor in a locker room after SaniGLAZE treatment

SaniGLAZE works by covering the flooring with a non-porous protective layer. That way, not only does it keep the flooring looking nice, but it makes it easier to clean as well.


Applying SaniGLAZE is a several-step process.

  1. First, your current flooring is cleaned with an extraction process. The extraction process used takes care of what the tile and grout have absorbed. That way, the grime that you are actively trying to prevent doesn’t end up as a permanent part of the flooring.
  2. Next is the Grout Glazing Compound. This is spread over the tiles and squeegeed into the grout lines. This is to give the grout some extra protection since it tends to pick up more dirt than tile.
  3. Once the Ground Glazing Compound is set, a liquid protective coating is placed all over the floor. Once the coating is smoothed out, it is left to dry.

Once done, the process is complete. Not only will your floors look better than they have in years, but they will also be easier to clean as well.

There are several types of SaniGLAZE to give you a range of options for what the final flooring will look like. This includes changing the color of the floor using different SaniGLAZE colors, as well as the finish of the floor for a more matte or polished look.


Be sure to follow the care instructions after the process is complete. The use of a wrong cleaner or abrasive tools can scrape away the protective coating. Your SaniGLAZE technician can help you figure out a floor cleaning routine that will keep your floors sparkling.


A Verified Service Provider of SaniGLAZE

SaniGLAZE is not easily available; they ensure that they pick the best to become verified SaniGLAZE providers. Janitronics is one of these verified service providers. Our SaniGLAZE technicians have been trained to provide the best service, from application to troubleshooting. If you are looking into ways to protect your flooring, please use our contact form to reach out to us.