Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can be some of the toughest floors to clean correctly. While other types of flooring need a broom and mop to clean the surface, carpets will absorb their surroundings into their fibers. Allergens from the air, dirt, and anything spilled can easily sink into the carpet. Vacuuming alone does not solve the problem; while vacuums can get some of the surface problems, it rarely goes beyond that.


Beyond the short-term benefits of having a cleaner carpet, there are long term benefits as well. Getting your carpet regularly treated can extend the life of your carpet by years. After all, dirt builds up will wear away your carpet faster than just foot traffic alone. There are also health benefits of getting your carpet cleaned and allergens are removed.

Man steam cleaning carpet wearing mask

There are a few methods that we employ to get to the things that have sunk below the surface. Which method we use depends on the carpet and environment.

One of the more traditional ways to clean a carpet is known as steam cleaning. A more accurate name is hot water extraction. The equipment used for this method works by combining hot water and high pressure. Hot water will help break up the bond that keeps the particles trapped within the carpet, while the pressure will help push those particles out. With that combination, they force particles up from the carpet, which can then be easily removed often by that very same machine.

This method does not work for all carpets. Some types of carpets cannot handle that much water without complications. Additionally, it takes time for the carpet to dry from all of that water. In these cases, we turn to another method for carpet cleaning.


Low moisture method-encapsulation is a quicker process, using a combination of a specialized chemical solution and equipment. This process starts by spraying your carpet with a chemical solution. This chemical solution specifically works to crystalize around particles and debris found in your carpet. Once the crystallization process is complete, a brush is taken to the carpet to agitate it. This agitation loosens up the crystalized particles and oftentimes allows them to rise to the top of the carpet fibers. That way, once those two steps are completed, we can easily vacuum up the particles.


With this method, your carpet will be cleaned and ready for people in less than an hour. However, just like hot water extraction, low moisture method-encapsulation does not work for every type of carpet. Sometimes the debris that has gotten into the carpet is not picked up by the chemical solution, and therefore not picked up by the final vacuuming.


When you need your carpets professionally cleaned, we work with you to figure out the best method to use. In some cases, it may be hot water extraction, while in others low moisture method-encapsulation would be the best. And in some cases, a combination of both may be needed to bring out the best of your carpet.


If you have any questions about carpet cleaning or want to see if it’s the best fit for your facility, reach out to us here.