What's in the 24/7 Protection program?

Janitronics is proud to provide antimicrobial/antiviral mitigation to help keep your employees and customers healthy and safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Prioritize the health and safety of your employees and customers with visible protection that works round the clock, 24/7.


Our AIRBOX Air Purifiers with certified HEPA filters ensure your employees and customers have the most innovative and rigorously tested mitigation technology available.


Bio contaminants are a wide range of microscopic particles that can harm your health. They range from dust to bacteria to viruses such as COVID-19, and many more things in between. One thing that they all share in common is that they do not rest. There’s no nighttime nor break time with bio contaminants; as long as they are present and active, they continue to act as a threat to health.


Janitronics developed the 24/7 Protection program to help businesses combat these active bio contaminants. We have used science to guide our cleaning programs for almost five decades, and 24/7 Protection will allow us to continue to clean for health, even when our technicians are not present.


At the inception, there are two focuses of our program: surfaces and air.



a Janitronics desk kit, including face mask, gloves, hand sanitizer, a spray bottle of sanitizer, and microfiber cloth

When we use the term “surfaces” we are often referring to high-touch surfaces, which is anything that is touched throughout the day by multiple people. Common high-touch surfaces include door handles, light switches, and elevator buttons. These areas can pose a risk of spreading sickness to anyone and everyone that touches it.


While wiping down the surface with a disinfectant wipe or spray can help curb the amount of bio contaminants there, the reality of bio contaminants would mean that you would have to wipe it every time it is touched. That quickly loses efficiency with both the time and amount of product that would be needed.



The air that we breathe is another potential way for bio contaminants to get into our bodies. Air is often a harder thing to judge, as there are only a few occasions that air will look as dirty as it actually is. What’s harder is that you cannot simply wipe down the air when you think it’s dirty.


Ventilation is the best combatant for dirty air, but there are complications that are not easy to overcome. Opening the windows could let in more contaminants and bad weather instead of clean air. And HVAC systems are not always strong enough to take care of indoor air in a timely manner.

AIRBOX air purifier model

For many, air purifiers can provide that necessary power and focus to keep indoor air clean. Those with HEPA filters are the most efficient and effective, removing 99.9% of particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter. Additionally, air purifiers can be set to run throughout the day. This means that your air will continuously be cleaned, as people work and move about in the space.


Working in Tangent

Nothing works well alone, even 24/7 cleaning. Floors still need to be cleaned, and surfaces will need to be wiped down to take care of anything that gets stuck to it.


The important thing is that all cleaning programs and routines work together towards having a clean and healthy space. By utilizing a complete cleaning program, you protect yourself and others from threats to health.


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