Is my air purifier spreading the virus?

The honest answer: it depends on your air purifier.


If you have a high-quality air purifier, the answer is “no” with a few conditions. A high-quality air purifier with a certified HEPA filter has been tested to ensure that it will effectively and efficiently remove particles from the air. While none have been tested to CDC’s standards regarding COVID-19, the CDC did recommend air purifiers with certified HEPA filters during the SARS outbreak. (You can learn more about it here and here.) As SARS and COVID-19 are very similar, there is good reason to believe that air purifiers grant the same level of protection.

AIRBOX air purifier

There is also the caveat that the air filters are “unexpired.” Constant use of air filters will fill them with particles, making their later uses less effective. Remember to replace filters at the recommended times.


If you have a low-quality air purifier, then the answer is an unfortunate “maybe.” All air purifiers have a component that draws air through them. If you have a bad air purifier, it just becomes a fan circulating air in a room.


At Janitronics, we know that cleaning is a science. We did not pick one air purifier at random; we instead brought several air purifiers into our offices to test their efficacy ourselves. After reviewing our results and additional information, we partnered with AIRBOX because of their unique product offerings and verified independent lab results.


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