Electrostatic Spraying

There is no single way to clean an area. Science continuously makes new discoveries and inventions that, in turn, can be utilized in efforts to clean for health. One of the most recent methods that has been developed is electrostatic spraying.


Electrostatic spraying has been around for several years, with an upsurge of popularity coming during the COVID-19 pandemic. With its relative ease to complete and its ability to cover even hard-to-reach surfaces, it continues to remain a useful method in our arsenal.

Man cleaning with electrostatic sprayer

Amazingly, this process utilizes something that we deal with every day: static. This seemingly small electric charge is paired with the same mechanism that is used for spray painting to create an effective cleaning process. With specialized equipment, disinfectant is simultaneously given a small electric charge while becoming a mist. To an observer, it appears that we are just spraying a mist around the room. However, it is much more than that.


Due to the nature of charged particles and objects in general, the disinfectant is attracted to surfaces. This means that the disinfectant will not just sit in the air; it will seek out surfaces to attach themselves to. This allows the disinfectant to reach surfaces and do what they do best: sanitize. What’s more, because the disinfectant has become charged, the particles of the disinfectant are repelled from each other. If we aim the nozzle at one particular spot, that electric charge will allow the disinfectant to push each other away and, paired with their attraction to the surfaces, wrap around the object. No matter what you spray, it will be applied in an even coating around the object. No matter if it is in crevices that normal cleaning methods cannot reach, electrostatic spraying allows us to sanitize any exposed surface.

What’s more, this method is “touchless.” While our technicians will bring in machinery, they never touch the spaces themselves. That means that not only are your employees and customers protected, but our technicians will be as well.


Using electrostatic spraying does not mean that we can get rid of some of the more traditional methods of cleaning. As electrostatic spraying can only get to exposed surfaces, we will first have to remove the visible dirt and dust for it to truly be effective. What electrostatic spraying does do is reduce the time it takes to sanitize an area, which is where time and money can be saved.


Of course, this technique does not work for every workspace. While electrostatic spraying can be used around most electronics, we do not apply it around heavy machinery. And while it is easy to wipe the residue off of surfaces after the process is complete, papers that are left out will curl and crinkle much in the same way as they would if they were sprayed with water.


If you have any questions about electrostatic spraying or want to see if it’s the best fit for your facility, reach out to us here.