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Electrostatic Spraying

Man cleaning office with electrostatic sprayer

There is no single way to clean an area. Science continuously makes new discoveries and inventions that, in turn, can be utilized in efforts to clean for health. One of the most recent methods...



Self-Cleaning Surfaces/NanoSeptic

Woman opening office door with nanoseptic strip on handle

The places that everyone touches can be the worst offenders that spread harmful germs and bacteria. What’s worse, these can be spaces that no one would think twice about touching. This includes door...



Carpet Cleaning

Man Steam Cleaning Office Carpet

Carpets can be some of the toughest floors to clean correctly. While other types of flooring need a broom and mop to clean the surface, carpets will absorb their surroundings into their fibers. Allergens from the air, dirt, and anything...