Self-Cleaning Surfaces/NanoSeptic

The places that everyone touches can be the worst offenders that spread harmful germs and bacteria. What’s worse, these can be spaces that no one would think twice about touching. This includes door handles, reception countertops, and elevator buttons. And this is only a partial list.

The logistics of cleaning often means that these areas get as much attention as everywhere else; that is to say, they are wiped down at the end of the day. That leaves those surfaces to collect germs starting with the first person who touches it to the last person, and everyone in between. You can arrange those spots to be cleaned throughout the day, but that still may not be enough. And cleaning these spots after every time someone touches it becomes a time sink.


Science once again steps up. NanoSeptic, a company from Virginia, has developed self-cleaning surfaces that easily save time and effort while keeping those areas sanitized. With the use of nano-crystals, NanoSeptic products undergo an oxidation process that is triggered by light. With this oxidation process, organic materials like germs and bacteria are broken down. Without lifting a finger, the surface is sanitized and ready for the next person. Perhaps the best part, NanoSeptic makes a wide range of products that are easy to apply to surfaces.


It is important to note that “self-cleaning” is referring to self-sanitizing with NanoSeptic products. These products do not remove bigger pieces of debris like dirt. However, those can easily be handled; running a wet cloth over the space takes care of what can be seen, while the nano-crystals will take care of what you can’t see. Through this joint effort, you really will be cleaning for health.


Some things to keep in mind:

  • Some of NanoSeptic’s products can last up to a full year before replacement is needed. NanoSeptic suggests replacing them every 90 days or when the surface becomes worn, whichever comes first and dependent on the facility’s traffic.
  • NanoSeptic does not use poison, heavy metals, or chemicals to work. It is safe and non-toxic.
  • There is a wide variety of NanoSeptic products to fit the needs of your facility. This includes mats, adhesives, and even slips. There are even specially made elevator button covers and touch screen protectors that use NanoSeptic’s technology.


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