Preparing for Back-to-School?

Spectrum News Asks: How Are Cleaners in New York Preparing for Back-to-School? 

August 13, 2020

Janitronics have always strived to adapt to the best methods for cleaning for health. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve changed our protocol to match the need of our clients. This includes the schools that are working to reopen for the fall.

During the interview with Spectrum News, Jim Harris, Jr. speaks about our changing protocols. This includes rotating our disinfectants to counteract germs building up a resistance against our cleaning methods. While time and effort has increased, we’ve also increased efficiency to keep our services at the best value for our clients.

As we continue our efforts to clean for health, we remind everyone that it is all of our responsibilities. For schools, this includes them providing disinfectant kits to teachers and students to help clean throughout the day.

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Jim Harris Jr on Spectrum News screenshot from web video