Re: SysteamClean

To our prospects:

A new idea whose time has come.

The following is a very brief look at the most efficient cleaning system in the industry, worldwide.

Our customers and employees have enjoyed its benefits for over 20 years. Consistently high quality, cost effectiveness, ease of training and flexibility have been some of the features.

We are unique in that we train over 200 organizations yearly through our Concepts4 consulting division.

Jim Harris, Sr., Chairman

First, we establish a standard

Cleaning for Health (TM)

The process of applying state of the industry cleaning procedures, materials and methodology to effectively remove dust particles and bio-contaminants from the indoor environment. This will result in a healthy, safe and orderly environment conducive to protect human health and support efficient work or living activity.

Next, a cleaning specification to deliver the standard is designed.

We start by developing cleaning procedures and frequencies, this is the basis for work-loading.

Next is a careful measurement to determine net cleanable square feet. This is followed by distributing assigned space to the specialists.

1,2,3,4 - The Four Specialists

Specialists are deployed in a systematic method performing specific cleaning tasks depending on the type of facility and the cleaning specifications.

The deployment of specialists is aided utilizing quadrants

Assigned square footage is divided into quadrants for balanced frequencies of detailed cleaning. All quadrants are timed and the specialists are held accountable for meeting time and quality requirements. This concept also determines the inspection process.

A job card is prepared for each specialist

The job card defines duties, start time, time in each quadrant will be inspected. Since the specialists have a high degree of self-direction, they may deviate from the plan. The job card is the daily instruction to each specialist, every day has a specific schedule. This system allows for substantial flexibility.

We build a high performance operational plan anchored directly to customer expectations

Quality management and continuous improvement is designed into every service program

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