Janitronics considers cleaning to be a science. Removal of bio-contaminants is the primary reason to clean the building environment. These contaminants may create an unhealthy and unsafe condition. The secondary reason is orderliness and presentation of maintained furnishings. The goal is clean, orderly, safe areas conducive to human productivity. We realize this goal by implementing the following: a “high performance system,” an effective workforce trained in the system, competent managers and supervisors managing the system, and consistent customer dialogue to define service quality.

Janitronics has worked with the Team Cleaning® system since 1993. We embarked on a TQM transition and concluded that Team Cleaning® fit perfectly into our corporate focus.

Since that inception, we further developed the system, creating the consulting and training subsidiary, Concepts4. The mission of Concepts4 is to train and implement the Team Cleaning® system in the education, healthcare and corporate markets. We believe this is the system of the future.

SysteamClean™, supported with quality management tools for high performance results, is the evolution of Team Cleaning®. The system is based on: the utilization of specialists, backpack vacuuming system technology, engineered quadrant workflow and quality measurement designed in.