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Our Systems Are Designed To Keep Your Systems Healthy!

It doesn’t take much to contaminate a surface, and for that surface to facilitate contamination of another… and eventuallyan entire indoor environment. An unwashed hand or a sneeze can start the chain reaction.

Creating and sustaining healthy indoor environments requires the design and implementation of effective, proven systems.Simply pushing germs and pathogens around is not cleaningfor health.

You can argue that nothing is ever really perfect, but that’s no reason to not strive for perfection. Managing a medical practice is complex and demanding. A General Practitioner or Practice Administrator’s typical day requires wearing many different hats… compliance, problem solving for physicians, cost control and business management.

Janitronics understands your pain. The health of you, your staff and your patients can easily be compromised. You can’t eliminate every germ or pathogen, but a healthy, sustainable indoor environment can minimize a great deal of pain.

Janitronics systems are designed to meet your specific needs… whether you manage one facility or one hundred. We have the science, knowledge, experience and the best trained personnel to deliver results… consistently. Our goal is to make your day less stressful and more productive, doing the things you do best, by doing the things we do best.

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