We teach our supervisory personnel to inspect what they expect. In this regard, we are continuously prioritizing those items that are critical to the customer satisfaction and “Cleaning for Health”.

The Systeam Cleaning ™system is designed for effective and balanced workflow. The assigned space per specialist is divided into quadrants determining routine, detail and project cleaning. Routine cleaning takes place daily, detail cleaning is usually weekly and projects may run monthly. The key to the inspection process is to monitor all detail quadrant cleaning after it is performed. In this manner, we are performing two key tasks; 1. inspecting the detail area for quality and 2. building a bond of trust with our employees that they will maintain the routine areas under their control resulting in continuous improvement. This process has proven to be very successful. We have found that what gets measured gets done correctly. The system of inspection will result in a consistent level of quality, yet allow for flexible response to emergencies or extraordinary customer needs.

Detailed and real-time information is critical to efficient operations.

The accountability factor for quality monitoring is very high. All the guesswork is taken out of the process due to the way the system is structured. A report is generated for areas not inspected for frequency checks.

Our system goes way beyond the scope of other cleaning based computer software. It monitors performance, tracks response to non-conformance, analyses productivity, schedules periodicals, processes work orders, maintains employee training records and improves service delivery.
After we have completed six months of service and our cleaning system is finely tuned to the facility, we will begin the implementation of this process.