Managing quality is 80% attitude and 20% process. An effective operating system instills an attitude of quality expectancy, when validated by the inspection process.

In order to improve any process, there must be a system, skilled employees, on-going training, inspection and review. Continuous process improvement occurs when all the pieces fall into place. Janitronics improves results by developing our system through review, analysis and process change.

Continuous Process Improvement Methods

Janitronics’ Executive Group and The Quality Council identify “critical issues,” define the problem and send their conclusions to a Problem Solving Team, created specifically for that problem. The Problem Solving Team prepares recommendations for a solution. The recommended solution is reviewed by the Quality Council and sent to the Executive Group for implementation in our training and operations system.

Permanent “Improvement Teams” are another component of the continuous process improvement. Each team deals with a specific area within the company, like systems, technology and people development. Recommendations from the teams are directed to the Quality Council.