The Janitronics supervisor comes from a background of supervising others and is encouraged to become industry certified within one year of employment. A great deal of time is spent training and coaching the supervisory group in the key skills of lean operational management. All have a full time commitment to Janitronics, its employees and customers.

Selection of operations supervisors is critical and very time-consuming. The market for qualified new employees is very tight. Creative thinking is required to attract new personnel. Our Human Resources department is very experienced and highly motivated to select the best talent available.

Janitronics’ senior management embraces the significance of a progressive, quality focused culture that supports and encourages the proper development of our employees.

Hiring Practices

Janitronics is proud of many years of leadership in recruitment and orientation programs. In 1988, we implemented an extensive pre-employment drug-testing program. A comprehensive background check is performed, followed by a 30-day working trial period for final placement. There are no exceptions, regardless of employment classification. This program has proven popular with all employees and customers. These procedures are fundamental in supplying our operating system with qualified personnel. Janitronics’ Human Resources Department oversees branch operations to ensure consistency throughout the organization.

Employee Philosophy

Janitronics is totally labor dependent. People are our main asset and the key to a successful service organization. We invest a great deal of time and energy to develop our personnel.

We find the following process to be successful in generating total involvement of our employees:

  1. Define a clear set of expectations and responsibilities.
  2. Establish shared goals for a “win-win” situation.
  3. Continue to provide sufficient resources and training.
  4. Establish a system for employees (regardless of task) to measure his or her progress.
  5. Allow individuals to make a mistake without fear of retribution and give them a means to take corrective action.
  6. Maintain a system of feedback.
  7. Recognize their performance.


All Janitronics’ personnel have the opportunity to grow professionally based on personal initiative. Knowledge and skills training can be acquired from a variety of internal corporate educational programs, or from outside sources.

Continuous educational benefits are available for qualified individuals. Janitronics encourages the pursuit of any industry certification of interest. All positions have a base for certification or professional designation, i.e., Certified Building Service Executive, Registered Building Service Manager, Certified Carpet Care, various facility management certifications, etc.