Puerto Rico Relief Fund

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This year, Puerto Rico experienced the brunt of the most catastrophic hurricane season in history both on September 7th and September 20th. The news focused on the date of September 20th, the havoc that Hurricane Maria caused, but the devastation happened before that.

On September 7th, Hurricane Irma swept through the Caribbean Islands and left one million people in Puerto Rico without power. This meant communications were down; emergency aid, heat, and electricity were already inadequate, and resources were already being consumed out of initial panic. When Hurricane Maria made landfall on September 20th, it crossed the island, tearing apart houses completely, insurmountable floods, and destroyed much of the remaining power grid, many roads, and ports.

The disaster was filmed, the aftermath, and the story has moved on, but the people of Puerto Rico are still in need of aid.

Here is a Testimonial from of our employees who was forced to flee Puerto Rico:

“My experience in regards to Hurricane Maria was very shocking. I experienced this phenomenon solely with my daughter and my husband. It was a very intense experience. My apartment filled up with water, along with my daughter’s room, in which we lost all of our clothes. Outside, the streets were really bad. All the poles were on the floor. Wood and cement poles. A lot of local businesses were destroyed and malls, a lot of them are closed down to do losing so much merchandise. Places that you were able to get food you had to wait in line for hours. As well as with gas, you had to wait for hours in line. Most of the island is without power and water. Some parts of the island are still with no communication, since there is no way to get to people since some bridges are broken or have completely disappeared.” - Sophia Betancourt, Janitronics Employee

Janitronics understands that many of our employees and their families have been affected by the hurricane disaster both directly or by extension. We are partnering with Second Union Church, a Non-denominational church, in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico to raise funding for much needed food, supplies, and emergency aid given directly to people in need.

There’s still little power on the island. In many places, there’s still no water to drink or bathe in or to flush toilets. There’s limited food and cell service, and dozens of remote villages have been completely cut off from everything for weeks. We are working with Second Union Church because they have direct access to reaching these remote areas.

Any donation amount has great importance. This is an opportunity to give and be involved. Janitronics as a family and a company will be matching any funds donated towards our $5,000 goal. All funds will be sent direct to Second Union Church via the donation link below.